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Notes on papers, books, etc I am reading. May include excerpts directly from them. These ideas *do not* reflect the points of view of the original authors.

Resources on Experience Design, a selection

Here are some resources/references/publications on Experience Design that were used to develop a Tutorial at CSCW 2011 in China that Elizabeth Goodman, Marco de Sa and I prepared and delivered. More »

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Gitte’s references

THANKS for these Gitte – excellent list of references, I want to read several papers right now! Arthur, Brian 2002 Is the Information Revolution Dead? Business 2.0. March 2002:65-72. 2003 Why Tech Is Still the Future. Fortune Magazine, Monday, Nov. 24. Baba, M. L., J. Gluesing, H. Ratner, and K. H. Wagner. 2004. The Context… More »

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References for cybersociality paper

** References we have talked about for this paper specifically Hine, C. 2000. Virtual ethnography. London, Thousand Oaks & New Delhi: Sage. ** References I have just dug up (some again) Boym, S. 2001. Nostalgia and global culture: from outer space to cyberspace. In The Future of Nostalgia. New York: Basic Books. Eichhorn, K. 2001.… More »

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