In my role as an applied research scientist, I have co-authored a number of patents in the area of interactive systems, communication tools and social media technologies. Patents granted/filed include:

  • United States Patent 7,610,563      System and method for controlling the display of non-uniform graphical objects
  • United States Patent 7,546,143      Multi-channel quiet calls. 
  • United States Patent 7,519,573      System and method for clipping, repurposing, and augmenting document content
  • United States Patent 7,251,316      Methods and systems for enabling conversations about task-centric physical objects
  • United States Patent 7,249,327      System and method for arranging, manipulating and displaying objects in a graphical user interface
  • United States Patent 7,089,278      Anchored conversations: adhesive, in-context, virtual discussion forums
  • United States Patent 7,061,493      System for designing and rendering personalities for autonomous synthetic characters
  • United States Patent 7,006,098      Method and apparatus for creating personal autonomous avatars
  • United States Patent 6,773,177      Method and system for position-aware freeform printing within a position-sensed area
  • United States Patent 6,674,453      Service portal for links separated from Web content
  • United States Patent 6,670,968      System and method for displaying and navigating links
  • United States Patent 6,570,555      Method and apparatus for embodied conversational characters with multimodal input/output in an interface device
  • United States Patent 6,466,213      Method and apparatus for creating personal autonomous avatars

For more, please refer to Google Patent Search and on patentdocs.