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A collection of snippets from the web and elsewhere gathered for myself and others.

Gitte’s references

THANKS for these Gitte – excellent list of references, I want to read several papers right now! Arthur, Brian 2002 Is the Information Revolution Dead? Business 2.0. March 2002:65-72. 2003 Why Tech Is Still the Future. Fortune Magazine, Monday, Nov. 24. Baba, M. L., J. Gluesing, H. Ratner, and K. H. Wagner. 2004. The Context… More »

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Gitte’s snippet from Churchill and Bly

Churchill, Elizabeth F. and Sara Bly 2000 Culture Vultures: Considering Culture and Communication in Virtual Environments. In SIGGroup Bulletin, Volume 21, Number 1, April 2000. ACM Press, pp 6-11. Cannibalized for EPIC by gj 050615: We define culture in the broadest sense, to be a set of understandings that are shared with others. MUDders have… More »

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Bruno Schulz

Apropos of nothing, some information on Bruno Schulz and the Street of Crocodiles

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For Jef: Body and Space references

We were talking about embodied action in space and the following references came to mind that may be of interest aside from de Certeau. I have not thought much about where they all fit together in terms of background theory, moivation or affiliation but that could be a nice project to engage in at some… More »

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