A conversation with T

T: "what keeps coming back to me, is your job, and the way that
analyzed/dissected small movements, reactions, and expressions of
people to understand how they respond with each other and with in their
environment. In some ways your reminded me of a surgeon, cutting
through the psyche with words. I guess that is what lead me to think
that in someways your are involved in the forensics of the every day."

E: I like that, the forensics of the everyday. this again reminds me
of the femninist films I studied a long time ago, I must dig those up.

T: I am currently working on a series of videos, called studies in
translocation. These videos are shot all over the world, and uses the
footage as metaphors for emotional spaces. Each piece investigates the
parameters of time and space and their physical and emotional effect on
people. Through editing and effects and sound, I am often creating an
atmosphere that is sort of an intensified, illusory version of reality.
This is a series of developmental work that is never really 'finished',
each time, more like a visual journal, I go back and re-interpret each
piece. I guess this process is visualising my thoughts on life – that
what I understand about it one day is not necessarily the same the next
day. There are constant shifts and nothing is reliable. Each
re-interpretation is documented. I was wondering if I could bring you
in on these interpretations/regurgitation.

E: Sounds very intriguing and we should try it…..

T: I thought i could email a quicktime of it to you, and you could
respond (quickly) in words (either text or audio), and these words
would then influence the next re-incarnation of the work.

E. Sounds good.

T: Respond intuitively if you can.

E: hmmm intuition, an elusive thing

T: there does not have to be any narrative. this is not about
creating master peices, but more about revealing accidents, mistakes –
regurgitating – spewing forth, etc. I
will further dissect it. I thought this could be a good start to see
what results. I guess I have visions of it resulting into some live
action, that i could shoot here. Anyway, let me know what you think.

E: I think YES

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