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Resources on Experience Design, a selection

Here are some resources/references/publications on Experience Design that were used to develop a Tutorial at CSCW 2011 in China that Elizabeth Goodman, Marco de Sa and I prepared and delivered. More »

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Socializing at Cross Purposes

This is a draft of a column I wrote for the ACM’s interactions magazine. It can out in Volume 17 Issue 1, January + February 2010. The word ‘social’ is a tricky one: we all think we understand what it means but conversations around the design, uptake and adaptations of new, “social media” technologies reveal differences in how we think about this everyday word. More »

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The golden age of newsprint collides with the gilt age of internet news

In this article, I discuss the current condition of the newspaper industry and discuss how imperative it is for the news industry to engage more deeply with digital, Internet-based information and interaction design. This is an early draft of a column I wrote for ACM’s interactions magazine. It appeared here and the final version is available from here. It appeared in Volume 16 Issue 4, July + August 2009 of the magazine. More »

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Keep your hair on: Designed and emergent interactions for graphical virtual worlds

[This is a draft I wrote for my column, P’s&Q’s in ACMs interactions magazine. For it, I interviewed Bob Moore who was at the time with now defunct Multiverse. It came out in Volume 15 Issue 3, May + June 2008. The final version can be found here.] ______________________________________________________ Chatting with virtual world researchers Jeffrey… More »

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